Interactive public services. QR code on the certificates (Uzbekistan certification. Conformity assessment Uzbekistan)

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Uzstandard agency is adopting an interactive conformity assessment procedure. 

The Uzstandard has been included in the Unified portal for interactive public services and will soon issue certificates of conformity via the portal. After passing the conformity assessment procedure, an applicant will receive a QR-code and will be able  to review the certificate on the portal through this code. This will be only available when you are downloading the certificate through the data base

This, identification of certified products will be implemented through QR-codes and will no longer support paper documents. 

This new mechanism has been worked out based on the Decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-4059. It is aimed to improve the state system in accordance with international practice and to simplify the mechanism of conformity assessment documents issuing. 

Example of a certificate which could be downloaded with the QR code through the database



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