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HS Code 8471705000 SECTION XVI. Machinery, equipment and machinery; electrical equipment; parts thereof; Sound recording and playback equipment, apparatus for recording and playback of television image and sound, their parts and accessories

-84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts

-8471 Processing machines and units thereof; magnetic or optical readers, machines for transcribing data onto data media in coded form and machines for processing such data, not elsewhere specified or included:

-847 170 - Device memory:
- - Other:
- - - Device storage on disks:
- - - - Other:

- 8471705000 - - - - - hard disk

Duty: Duty-free (0%)
Excise duty: Is not a subject to a tax

Examples of the declaration:

8471705000 «MD1200" disk storage (steel case with a module controller to accommodate multiple HDD form factor 2.5 ") without built-in power
8471705000 "HARD DRIVE MEMORY 1TB, 7200 OB.V SPEED MIN / H AND YEAR NO", is designed to record and store electronic data
8471705000 Backup system (disk array) HP STOREONCE 2900 24TB BACKUP, C set of cables, mounting kit in server racks
8471705000 NETWORK STORAGE video, IP, SERIES ULTRAVIEW, designed to expand the storage capacity of the DVR VIDEO SERIES Ultraview
8471705000 Part of the medical surgical microscope OPMI PENTERO - drive (500 GB) store the operating system and database devices (NOT AN encryption devices)
8471705000 The array of enterprise-class cloud storage systems 180 HDD. STORAGE embedded devices consisting of several hard disks that came with the flexible stand .; (FIRM) IBM CORPORATION / TEL-AD ELECTRONICS LTD .; (TM) IBM
8471705000 DEVICES REMEMBERING hard disk drive, external form factor HDD 2.5 ", with capacity of 1000 GB, Interface Connection USB 3.0, DIMENSIONS (WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH) 130 X20.4 X82.4 MM :;(FIRM) TRANSCEND INFORMATION, INC .; (TM) TRANSCEND
8471705000 Winchester SET OF 6 PIECES - storage device hard disk PC BUILT
8471705000 Memory for computers (servers), in its own housing mains disk array: ART. QW967A
8471705000 Hard Disk Drive- BUILT STORAGE DEVICE CAPACITY 1TB random access, based on the principle of magnetic recording on magnetic media


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