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HS Code 8517180000 SECTION XVI. Machinery, equipment and machinery; electrical equipment; parts thereof; Sound recording and playback equipment, apparatus for recording and playback of television image and sound, their parts and accessories

- 84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts
- 8471 processing machines and units thereof; magnetic or optical readers, machines for transcribing data onto data media in coded form and machines for processing such data, not elsewhere specified or included:
- Computing machines Other:
- 8471410000 - - containing in the same housing at least a central processing unit and an input and output unit, whether or not combined
Duty: Duty-free (0%)
Excise duty: Is not a subject to a tax

Examples of the declaration:

8517180000 CLASSIFICATION CODE 66 5400; TELEPHONES FOR WIRE CONNECTION WITH corded handset for installation in industrial facilities, without the encryption function
8517180000 IP TELEPHONE TABLE, equipped with 5 programmable keys and a 4 line graphic display, equipped with two ETHERNET port
8517180000 VOIP (IP) telephone is a telecommunications device, provides the ability to voice and video conferencing remote subscribers
8517180000 Wire telephone sets, digital keyboards, talk handsfree (HOOK) With AC power, without the encryption function (CRYPTOGRAPHY) CLASSIFICATION CODE: 66 5400; (FIRM) SELESTISA (THAILAND) LTD, ROLYSOM; (TM) POLYCOM
8517180000 Electronic portable, and versatile NOT APPLY TO special technical means intended for secret information, NOT SCRAP ELECTRIC, NES 401370 :; (FIRM) «METRO (SUZHOU) TECHNOLOGIES»; (TM) HONEYWELL
8517180000 SYSTEM BLOCK of personal computers, the CPU INTEL XEON X5660 2.80 12MB / 1333 6C CPU, RAM 6GB drive, a hard disk of 300 GB, CLASSIFICATION CODE 40 1200, SERIAL NUMBERS CZC1480R7N, CZC1480R7P
8517180000 SYSTEM BOX personal computer (server), the CPU INTELR XEONR G6950 2.80GHZ 2-CORE, 2GB of RAM, a hard disk drive 250 GB Optical Drive DVD-RW, CLASSIFICATION CODE 40 1200
8517180000 Videophones WITH BUILT-color LCD display, digital KEYBOARD With the corded handset (with integrated wireless module) CLASSIFICATION CODE 40 4000 :; (FIRM) HONG FU JIN PRECISION INDUSTRY (SHENZHEN) CO, LTD.; (TM) CISCO
8517180000 TELEPHONE LINE WITH WIRE handset display - Graphic Size 73.52 X 55.64 MM, a resolution of 240 X 320 (QVGA), NO CallerID, NAVIGATION UNIT. KEY shortcut. SUPPORT is powered from the phone
8517180000 SYSTEM TELEPHONES FOR PBX SAMSUNG OFFICESERV - 20 pcs, Model DCS-24B, ARTICLE KPDCS-S2ED / RUS, POWER OF ETHERNET NETWORK TECHNOLOGY the POE, without the encryption function, do not rinse.. WASTE, 48 V, see Annex, MARKING 176-6161 2515


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