About local test for EAC or Mandatory Sample requirements for EAC certification

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08/11/2018 Mintest

About local test for EAC or Mandatory Sample requirements for EAC certification

LLC Mintest strongly suggest to send a sample for the local test for EAC certification

On October 25, in Moscow, Alexey Khersontsev , head of the Federal Accreditation Service, and Vladimir Bulavin, head of the Federal Customs Service, signed an agreement on Rosaccreditation and the Federal Customs Service of Russia within the framework of the International Customs Forum , aimed at ensuring the new quality of departments' work in the fight against offenses in conformity assessment the movement of goods across the customs border of the Russian Federation. The preparation of a new version of the document became necessary due to the intensive cooperation of departments, as well as changes in the regulatory legal framework that occurred in 2018. Cooperation of Rosakkreditatsiya and the Federal Customs Service of Russia was carried out from the first years of the creation and operation of the Service, on the basis of the previously existing Agreement on information interaction between the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Accreditation Service of 11/14/2012.

At present, Rosaccreditation is the largest supplier of information in electronic form for the Russian Federal Customs Service through the system of inter-agency electronic interaction (SMEV) used in the implementation of customs control. In turn, the Federal Customs Service has all the necessary information about the location of the goods, as well as whether samples of imported products were imported for testing purposes in Russian laboratories. In addition, the Federal Customs Service of Russia checks compliance with the requirements of the legislation on technical regulation in relation to imported goods, which allows the use of modern technologies in order to counteract the activities of individuals who evade proper assessment of the conformity of products imported into Russia. The Federal Customs Service of Russia and Rosaccreditation are currently among the federal executive bodies that ensure the entry into the Russian Federation of safe and high-quality goods, whose compliance with the established requirements is confirmed in the manner prescribed by Russian legislation, the legal framework of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and international documents.

The Federal Customs Service of Russia will ensure that Rosakkredititsiya information about violations identified during customs control in relation to goods imported into the Russian Federation and subject to mandatory conformity as well as information about cases of import of product samples to the Russian Federation with a view to confirming their compliance with mandatory requirements.

From the Federal Accreditation Service of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, first of all, it is necessary to promptly send information from the registers of documents confirming the conformity of products that have been terminated or suspended or have expired, as well as information about persons listed in the registers of conformity certificates and declarations of conformity as authorized foreign manufacturers.

During the International Customs Forum, Alexey Khersontsev also took part in a panel session on technical regulation in the EAEU.

Original Text of this agreement you can find http://fsa.gov.ru/news/index/show_id/2336/
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