Customs Union Marking rules ( EAC marking)

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Rules for EAC product marking is mentioned in Regulation according to which conformity assessment are made   All general Information should be presented in Russian or in the official language of the Customs Union Country /or member of the Eurasian Economic Union, in the territory where the product is manufactured or sold . for Belarus ,Russian language is a second official country language ,so marking in Russian language is acceptable 

On the label for EAC (for the Customs Union labeling) this information must be indicated on a product or operating manual if product too small for marking :

- Product model, serial number/series/trade mark if any
- Main parameters and characteristics; such voltage, pressure, radio frequencies if it is a radio product for EAC etc
- Country of manufacture; name of the factory, address
- EAC mark and information about Distributor or Representative for the Customs Union
 If you do not have a representative LLC Mintest can offer representation so call it RAR services ( Russian representative services for EAC certification )
If this information cannot be placed on a product, it can be indicated only in operating documents such Manual, passport ,description
  Name and (or) trademark of the manufacturer, name and / type, brand, model - if any must be also indicated on a packaging as well the date of manufacturing of the product

Operating documents must contain the following information:

- Name and /type, trademark,  model, Serial number / the date of manufacturing of the product
- Main parameters and characteristics;
- manufacturer full information including address and country of manufacturing
- Information on the purpose of  the product;
- Rules and conditions for safe operation, installation, storage, transportation, sale and disposal;
- Information on a safety action when product is broken ;
- Name and location of the manufacturer ( as well representative), importer, information or RAR information ( RAR- Russian representative )
- Month and year of manufacture of  product and (or) information about the place of application and the method of determining the year of manufacture;
- EAC mark.
  Operating documents is made on paper, electronic storage device may accompany it. Operating documents for the products not intended for household use may be accompanied by operating document stored on electronic device or special technical passports or other special documentation

EAC mark application ( EAC marking )

The mark consists of 3 letters “E”, “A”, “C” graphically drawn using right angles, having same height and width – representing precise proportions of a square on a light background or on a dark background.
  • The size of the sign must not be less than 5 mm;
  • Possibility of easy identification of the sign;
  • The image must be in contrast with the application surface;
  • It is forbidden to use several colors, or to change the proportions of the sign;
  • It is mandatory to apply on the packaging, product or documentation accompanying it;
  • The mark is to applied in any accessible way, which guarantees the clarity of visibility during the warranty period.
Those rules are most likely for the House hold product or Consumable devices,
There is No Special Marking For Russian Declaration of Federal Agency of communication / FAC Declaration or Radio certification for Russia /FAC certification or Marking for FSB Notification / FSS Notification


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