List of products for the Notification of the FSB, new rules and changes July 1st 2018

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from  01 July 2018 Notification of the FSB will be possible to obtain only for the products in section 2.19. – Encryption products Import to the EAEU
  for all other products that are not listed in this list ,denial will be issued for registration of Notification
, including even those products for which previously the FSC Notification was registered:
For more information, please contact the managers of MINTEST company
helpful information:
  1) section 2.19. list of a products for FSB notification
  2) Power of Attorney for registration of the FSB Notification
  3) Registration of the Conclusion of the GRFC ( formalize the Conclusion of the RFC /RFC Statement/Radio frequency Center Russia )
  4) Execution of a Refusal Letter about the absence of Encryption for Customs instead of Notification of the FSB /FSB Refusal letter
  5) FSB Registered notification published on the web page of EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) . FSB notification public data base


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