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The refusal letter is an official document issued by an accredited certification authority providing an expert explanation that the product is exempt from mandatory conformity validation.

Refusal Letter (example)
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The letter shall provide references to regulatory documents that set forth that the goods require no mandatory conformity validation. The letter has no expiry date until the regulatory documents in relation to the product set forth in the letter are amended.

Please note that the document does not certify the quality of products.

Where products are not subject to mandatory conformity validation and the manufacturer or supplier must, due to whatever reasons, certify high quality of its products it may draft a voluntary conformity certificate or (to certify hygienic safety of products) or Rospotrebnadzor expert report.

Refusal Letter Cost and Drafting Deadlines:

MINTEST certification center provides professional assistance to Russian and foreign companies in due drafting and registration of refusal letters.

The cost of service is from 79 €.

The refusal letter take 1 to 3 days to draft.

Please contact company specialists by telephone or email for ordering the service or FOC advice on all matters of interest.


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