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TR Conformity Declaration is a document validating conformity of products to safety requirements set forth in national technical regulations. The declaration is required to permit the turnover of goods within the Russian Federation.

TR Declaration (example)
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Products in relation whereto mandatory requirements are set forth are specified in national technical regulations. One should note that currently, most products are regulated by technical regulations of the Customs Union. New technical regulation of the Customs Union are being developed. As they are enacted, national technical regulations will be invalidated.

Texts of effective national technical regulation are available at Rosstandard site (Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency).

Important Features of TR Product Declaration:

  • TR Declarations are valid within the Russian Federation.
  • The declaration must be registered with a third-party accredited authority.
  • The declaration is issued in the approved form but unlike the certificate has no special template and is drafted on a standard sheet (see sample TR Declaration).
  • Depending on the declaration scheme (as set forth in the relevant technical regulation), the TR conformity declaration may be drafted either for a batch of products or for commercial production thereof.
  • The declaration may be drafted for up to 5 years (depending on the technical regulation applicable to the product).
  • The declaration may list a company registered within the Russian Federation as the Applicant.
  • National technical regulations allows no voluntary conformity declaration but if necessary or desirable, one may draft a voluntary GOST R certificate after completion of mandatory conformity validation.

Declaration Cost and Document Drafting Deadlines:

The cost and deadlines for drafting TR declarations depends on numerous factors such as the type and quantity of products, declaration scheme selected, availability of all documents required for drafting and submission of sample products as well as production status analysis (if necessary), etc.

Therefore, to accurately calculate the cost and deadlines of declaration, please download and complete the special form and email it to MINTEST company specialists to the address shown in the form. In response, you will be given an updated commercial proposal within one business day.

Please contact company specialists by telephone or email for FOC advice on all matters of interest.


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Unified list of products for which Mandatory Requirements are Established within the Customs Union (PDF, 144.58 КБ KB)